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Learning to Live for the Future

Salaam Baalak Trust  |  DFP

‘Learning to Live for the Future’ is an environmental education program aiming to empower underprivileged children with a deep understanding of their environment and its significance in their lives. The goal is to integrate environmental knowledge into their day-to-day lives and inspire them to embrace sustainable practices, fostering a positive impact on their surroundings.


With a passion for developing an environmental education program for Delhi’s children, My team at Dusty Foot Production and I voluntarily initiated collaboration with the Children of Salaam Baalak Trust (SBT). In 2022, we started with a group of 25-30 children and today we proudly engage with over 400 children. The program adopts a 3-pronged approach: working directly with children, enhancing the capacity of SBT teachers, and utilizing existing and engaging materials for education.


In light of today's environmental challenges, it is crucial to equip both current and future generations with sustainable practices. Children should grasp the ripple effects, understanding how a mere 1mm of glacier melting in the mountains can impact us in Delhi. Our conscious choices in resource utilization wield the power to make a tangible difference. There has never been a greater urgency to educate our children about the environment and its profound significance.

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