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A Shawl To Die For

Wildlife Trust of India (WTI)

2008   |   22mins 24secs

Shahtoosh weaving, an ancient craft of Kashmir, is linked to the Tibetan antelope or Chiru found on the Chang Tang plateau in China. Shahtoosh is the fleece extracted by killing a Chiru. The international ban on Shahtoosh was critical for the survival of the endangered Chiru, but it also spelt disaster for thousands of traditional Shahtoosh workers. The film explores the grim struggle between conservation and livelihood, and the interventions brought in by community projects.


Jeevika - Nominated  |  2009

CMS Vatavaran - Nominated in Livelihood category  |  2009

CMS Vatavaran 2009 - Technical Excellence Award for Best cinematography award  |  2009

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