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Basanti Mausi's Progressive Thinking

IPE Global

2019   |   4mins 49secs

A testimony of Basanti Deouri and her daughter-in-law, Sujata Deouri who had a baby 6-7 months ago back. The film showcases how a positive attitude about the use of the IFA tablets (irrespective of the negative perspectives held by the men in the village) by the mother-in-law helped Sujata have a safe delivery and a healthy baby. Basanti  also helped Sujata in being regular with taking the medicine along with a healthy diet. 


The film is part of a collection of six media products for the RANI Project, produced by IPE Global and supported by The George Washington University. The films promote the use of IFA tablets amongst women in their reproductive years, in order to reduce anemia and to take responsibility for their own health. The primary aim of the films was to improve risk perceptions, improve self-efficacy, address the perception barriers, aspiration, and change social norms.

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