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Solid Waste Management - Panaji, Goa

GIZ, Swachh Bharat Mission - Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India

2016   |   14mins 49secs

Four films were made for the training portal of the Ministry of Urban Development, to capture the success stories in Solid Waste Management by the Municipal Corporations of Panaji (Goa), Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh), Greater Mumbai and Kochi (Kerala). Best practices in terms of recycling, composting and co-processing, among others, were documented.

The module captures the success behind the Corporation of Panaji to attain a zero landfill city through waste segregation for recycling, composting and co-processing among other good practices. One vision, stable leadership, repeated and targeted campaigns and continuous innovations to overcome the challenges of new waste streams have helped Panaji achieve this success.

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