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The Wild Meat Trail

Dusty Foot Production (DFP), Ecosystems Grants Programme (EGP) - The Netherlands

2009   |   28mins 45secs

Wild meat hunting and consumption is integral to the life of the communities in Northeast of India. While the forest seems devoid of wildlife, what is seen in the wild meat markets is an indicator of what still remains. The use of animal parts in local rituals and culture are also deeply ingrained in the psyche of the people here. Filmed over 7 years, the film explores the extent of hunting practice and its place in the current cultural context.


Earth Vision Award  |  2011

The Panda Award  |  2010

IDPA Awards - Gold in Sound Design & Film Environment  |  2009

IDPA Awards - Silver in Editing & Cinematography  |  2009

IDPA Awards - Nominated in Wildlife Conservation category – CMS Vatavaran  |  2009

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