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Deeply involved with wildlife film and education work for decades, Payal has been part of several national and international teams to train and conduct workshops on issues related to animals. First from India to be selected as a C.V. Starr fellow at Bronx Zoo by WCS, she also runs her own wildlife workshops called ‘Go Wild’. Since 2009 Payal has worked in Nagaland and Assam to create eco clubs and to stem the tide of hunting. She also works on creating educational signages in museums and parks, and is a Curriculum Developer and Master Trainer with RoundGlass Learn. One of our Knowledge Partners, she is someone we turn to for scientific and ethically correct inputs.


A filmmaker, scriptwriter and editor based out of Chennai, Nina is deeply passionate about the natural world and human rights issues. An alumna of Jamia Millia Islamia Mass Communications Research Center, she is the co-founder of Elephant Corridor Films. She also teaches art as well as English and Global Perspectives at the middle and high school level. Nina sees teaching as an important tool to talk about environmental issues. She also runs a nationwide campaign against air pollution with a network of women, called the Warrior Moms. She often engages with DFP as a scriptwriter and for developing content that offers fresh perspectives to any project.


The voice behind many of DFP’s films, Ashish is a theatre actor who is a proud citizen of planet Earth, and deeply concerned about its environmental ecosystem. He considers it relevant to share his concern through the practice of his craft as an actor. Ashish can be counted to step in even for a midnight voice recording if the need arises!


AJ, who has been a musician and composer since 1979, has a knack for producing just the right sound and feel for the tracks for all key DFP films and documentaries. Part of the Shillong based legendary rock band – The Great Society, AJ now plays guitar for two bands, HFT (Jazz Fusion) and for Lou Majaw (Rock n Roll, Blues, etc). Besides composing, his work includes a wide range of styles and genres - from films, documentaries, theater, musicals, collaborative albums to Ads, exhibitions, art installations, etc. He is currently doing scores for restored B&W films (Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Mabel etc) for Spanish Channel NXX Video. For the past 14 years he has been working out of his residence in Himachal Pradesh.


An alumna of MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia, Pooja is a video editor with over a decade of work in feature length and short documentaries. She has been mostly associated with films that deal with wildlife and environmental issues such as ‘Gaur in my Garden’ ‘Tiger the Death Chronicles’ ‘Reviving Faith’ a film on the sacred groves of the Himalayas, ‘Monks who won the grammy’ on Tibetan Buddhism (won the 'Honourable Jury' mention at the the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2020). Currently, Pooja is engaged with TERI as a mentor/facilitator to community media practitioners in an initiative to build a Pan Himalayan Network for Climate Change Journalism. Pooja also runs a non profit organization, Mahashakti Seva Kendra (MSK) in Bhopal to build leadership and train women in various trades.


A multimedia artist and storyteller with a passion that is inextricably linked to the natural world. She uses her skills in design thinking to create content for science education for conservation and positive impact. She has travelled across the world to work on a wide spectrum of projects - from media workshops in the remote Peruvian Amazon to filming in the Andaman Islands. Pooja runs her own multimedia design lab dedicated to environmental communications. Her valuable feedback often helps make DFP’s in-house designs more apt and meaningful.


Sudeep has evolved from being an ace cinematographer and wildlife filmmaker to directing films in the Malayalam movie industry. His interest in nature conservation sparked at a young age, carrying the genes of his father, Suresh Elamon, a highly acclaimed wildlife filmmaker and naturalist. Hailing from Trivandrum, Sudeep’s broad spectrum of achievements extends  from documentaries on Himalayas and the backwaters of Kerala to the deep waters of Bay of Bengal. Recently he was awarded the best cinematographer by South Indian International Movie Awards (SIIMA). In between directing and shooting films, Sudeep spends time paragliding in the Himalayan ranges or underwater diving.


A Delhi based animation and motion graphics artist, Ashutosh has been weaving numerous engaging stories from his studio for more than 12 years. His creative outlook and eye for detail enables him to create projects with a strong recall value coupled with impactful storytelling. Trained in 3D animation, Ashutosh has worked on multiple platform projects such as broadcast, online campaigns, corporate films, documentaries, CSR films, shorts, training films, TV commercials and films for social impact. Ashutosh is quick in adapting and delivering animation requirements for DFP, especially with wildlife characters.


Rehana is a social development manager and video editor. She has a keen interest in enabling young people to achieve their best potential. Her particular interest is the wellbeing and empowerment of children and youth at risk, especially adolescent girls. She has also been a fellow of Gender Sexuality Lab 2019 organised by Nazariya (A Queer Feminist Resource Group) and Orikalankni. She has managed the Childscapes project for DFF and continues to take forward her involvement with Green Hub and other DFF projects. She also edits for DFP partners such as Insight Dojo, Algebra, Eco-Grants, Art Ichol and Enquiry, besides other agencies.


Vijender worked as a cameraperson and technical coordinator for DFP for over 7 years and continues to handle some of our key shoots. He has a wide experience working across different fields of documentary films including wildlife, environment, and social issues besides news, programming and corporate films. He is well tuned into the latest technologies of cameras and shooting procedures. Apart from this he also video edits short documentaries and news videos. Vijender has a deep passion for his work and enjoys taking on challenges to get the best possible visuals.


A versatile sound technician with over three decades of experience in studio as well as outdoor Sound Recording and Sound Designing, Pratik has worked with reputed international music labels along with more than a hundred audio albums of Indian music. He has also worked with nearly every serious documentary filmmaker in the country as an Audiographer, Sound Designer, and Audio Post-production Engineer. Many of these films have bagged national and international awards including for soundtracks. Son-et-Lumière shows installed at prominent heritage sites of India are expressions of his technical as well as creative ability. In 2011, he received the prestigious IDPA Gold award for sound design for the National Awarded documentary ‘A Drop of Sunshine’.


An Independent documentary filmmaker based in Delhi & Assam, who is currently a Resource person & Internship mentor at Green Hub Project. He is a co-facilitator at Tuning Fork Films, a hub of socially oriented filmmakers, who are keen to use film as a medium for self-reflection and social change. Sumit also worked as Director, Cameraperson and Editor for DFP from 2009 to 2014. The film Searching for Gold Spot: The Wild After Wildfire which he edited was the Official Selection at Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, New York and One Earth Film Festival, Chicago, 2018. Recently, his project Unknown, The Silence Within won the Let’s doc Fellowship Program 2020-21.


Debashish completed his fellowship on wildlife conservation filmmaking with Green Hub, and went on to work for Srishti Films in Bangalore to document alternative paradigms to development, rights-based conservation and oral histories. He has worked with organisations such as Kalpavriksh, ATREE, NABARD and Vasundhara. He was the Lead Cinematographer for Colonies in Conflict, a documentary on India’s wild honeybees. He was part of CoVisions, a series of short films across 5 continents on people's experiences of the pandemic, that premiered at the DocEdge Film Festival in New Zealand.


Prachi is a freelance design odd-jobber and museum tinkerer. She has worked on a variety of projects from large scale museums to children's books and senior-centred hospitality. Her expertise lies in narrative building, experience design and communication strategy development for physical and virtual spaces. She is currently enrolled in the PhD program at Srishti, researching the relationship of museums to the concept of value in India. She helps DFP enhance its design work with her valuable inputs.


Atul has been connected with translation, narration, on-screen presentations, original writings and website language conversions for over three decades. He has worked for Discovery, National Geographic, BBC Earth, History Channel, Doordarshan and many others. Atul has translated roughly 10 thousand films for the above clients and also given voice to umpteen number of films for them. He has translated material for many state and central government projects and websites. He has also given voice to various audio books for Amazon, and many audio tours. He is DFP’s go-to person for Hindi scripts and voiceovers.


A Sociologist by training and a Livelihoods and Knowledge Management specialist, Anil has vast experience working with communities and civil society organizations that work with Children, Public Health, Organic Agriculture, Watershed Management, Rural Governance, and Livelihoods sectors. He has developed many publications and case studies for these sectors. Anil steps in to help DFP with Hindi translations and text as and when required.


Gaurab has a Masters in Economics from Assam University, while simultaneously working with Green Guard Nature Organization as a volunteer for human-elephant conflict mitigation programs with communities. In 2018, he was selected for the Green Hub Fellowship, where he also interned with Titli Trust, Uttarakhand Forest Department, Uttarakhand Ecotourism Department and Mizoram Forest Department He went on to work for Round Glass Sustain and in 2020, received first place in group image at the Great Backyard Bird Count photo contest by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Gaurab also mentored for the SECURE Himalaya Youth Video Fellowship, in Uttarakhand. Recently he worked on a Mongabay India project on Oil Palm plantation and its impacts.


Hailing from Sikkim, two of Sherap’s passions in life are observing wildlife and filming them. He started with photographing events and cultural festivals and got selected for the North East festival in 2014 at IGNCA, Delhi. In 2016 he won a prize at the Each Click Counts contest. He got the Green Hub Fellowship, where he worked with UNESCO C2C for World Natural Heritage, WII. He has also worked with Round Glass Sustain. He now freelances and cooks in his spare time.


A graduate in Zoology from Jagiroad College, he has worked with Green Guard Nature Organization since 2014 in Human-Elephant conflict mitigation program, and as an animal rescuer. He got a fellowship in 2018 to learn filmmaking at Green Hub, Assam, and interned with NGOs like Tata Trusts, WWF, MSRLS, etc, and also made a film on how the youth of Mon district, Nagaland were combating opium consumption. Post this, he worked with Dusty Foot Productions, Green Hub, CNN TV18, WII, Aaranyak, etc. Currently he works as a freelance documentary filmmaker.


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