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Green Hub - A Youth and Community Based Video Documentation Center

Green Hub started as a collaborative initiative of North East Network (NEN) and Dusty Foot Productions in 2014 in Tezpur, Assam with the aim to engage and empower youth in conservation education, action, climate sustainability and social change through the visual medium. Through this process, initiate sustainable, alternate and aspirational livelihoods for individuals and the community, with conservation of natural resources and community wellbeing at the core of it. An integral aspect is to also create a digital resource bank for wildlife, environment and indigenous knowledge. 


The one year Green Hub residential Fellowship program involves learning technical aspects of filming, editing, and storytelling; bringing to life untold stories of the land, people and generational knowledge. Representing remote tribal areas, marginalized communities as well as urban spaces - the Green Hub Fellows are envisioned to be catalysts of positive change, amplifying the idea of ecological security as the bedrock of a sustainable future. The Fellowship engagement continues to flow into the alumni network and the impact on the ground.


Post the training and internship program, the Green Hub Fellows go on to either make films on their own or work with organisations. Some return to engage with their communities to take forward the work of conservation with them.

To learn more about Green Hub and its latest updates, please visit

2016 - 2020

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