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Lok Awaas Yatra - A Focus on Solutions for Local Governments

From 2010 to 2012, Development Alternatives organized Lok Awas Yatra (people’s journey for a better habitat) - a series of learning journeys across India with the intention of building a deeper understanding of good practices and sustainability in eco-habitat development of rural India. Over 420 people travelled on 14 small journeys of five days each in five regions covering different geo-climatic zones to visit over 60 habitat initiatives led by Panchayats, Civil Society Organizations and state social housing programs.  

The overall objective of the Yatra was to generate awareness and disseminate possible strategies for safe and sustainable habitat development in rural India through dialogue, networking and knowledge sharing. The yatra aimed at building a common understanding from a policy perspective and contributing to a more enabling environment for people centred habitat development.

The Yatra clearly identified home owners as “customers”, whether poor or rich, and the need for viable services of information, supply of ‘eco’-materials and skills for safe construction and financing as key drivers for a safe and sustainable rural habitat. Two documents, as an outcome of the Yatra “Understanding Rural Habitat-lessons in Sustainability” and a “Handbook on Eco-Habitat for Village Panchayats” covered lessons from the Yatras (journeys) and present an analysis of the cross cutting systemic measures critical for the proliferation of good practices covering environmental, social and economic sustainability in habitat development.

Development Alternatives   |   2010-12

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